Experience The Warmth

Zoe with an "e" not with a "y". I spend my days drumming with Ringo and Matt Cameron. I mosh with Metallica and slam dance with Manson. Sharing sweet leaf with Sabbath is what I do. Born under a waxing gibbous on a breezy July night. I like seeing the world through a Nikon D500. I dabble in poetry. Horror film freak. I live on a ranch with Neil Young somewhere in the Prairie state, thats where you can find me. Beatles. Alice Cooper. Soundgarden. Pearl Jam. MGMT. Sabbath.
Drop that needle and let the the rock n' roll consume your soul~



I got so happy when I found this


12 June 1964 

Stevie with security 1977

Lucas “Boo” Street
Ph: Nate Smith